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Application Express

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APEX at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

The ODTUG Kscope19 conference will prove to be the most in-depth, intuitive, and engaging conference for APEX developers. Across the globe, every business in every industry needs user-friendly, performant, and up-to-date applications. ODTUG Kscope is the APEX conference of choice for app developers around the world.

APEX Core:

Learn about the nuts and bolts of your typical Oracle APEX application and use the large feature set wisely for maximum productivity. Acquire good practices from well-known experts who have already made all the mistakes for you. Shorten your learning curve by applying what they know about core APEX features like dynamic actions, classic reports, interactive reports, interactive grid, mobile applications, theme usage, plugin development, security, or even the proper use of SQL and PL/SQL in your APEX application.

APEX Integration:

With Oracle APEX you rarely build a standalone application. In most cases, you need some integration, either with other products (e.g. MS Outlook, Google Calendar, SAP, Oracle applications), other technologies (e.g. REST), other platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure), or even other languages and tools (e.g. Java, SQLcl, APEX Nitro). Learn about what works and what doesn’t from Oracle experts, ACE Directors, ACEs, ACE Associates, product managers, and developers who present a short path to success and share their lessons learned with you.


Whether you like it or not, as an APEX developer, you need to have at least some understanding of JavaScript and how to effectively leverage it in your applications. Here you will learn about JavaScript fundamentals (e.g. language fundamentals, the widget architecture, and organizing your JavaScript source code) and about how to integrate it with APEX—building plugins, working with the interactive grid, placing the JavaScript code in your application, and modernizing your applications.

Other Application Express:

Everything else that doesn’t fit into the other subtopics, but still has APEX as its primary focus.


Database at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

Oracle Database is the core of the ODTUG Kscope conference and the backbone for every application, solution, and product in the Oracle suite. ODTUG Kscope19 will bring together the world’s best Oracle ACE Directors, ACEs, ACE Associates, database administrators, and developers to present the latest tools, tips, tricks, hacks, and techniques.

Database Administration:

We’ll tackle all the latest Database Administration and Oracle Database features for versions up to 18c, including concepts and techniques of Oracle Enterprise Manager. Topics can cover backup and recovery, security, hardware, software administration, identity management, high availability, performance tuning, upgrades, consolidation, storage, cloud, virtualization, scripting, multitenant, in-memory, database as a service, and auditing.

Database Development:

Database development concepts and techniques include application architecture, data modeling, database design, REST API strategies, application design, SQL, PL/SQL, testing, debugging, logging, ETL, new features up through version 18c, version control, application performance, open source APIs, cloud-based development, programming languages, and frameworks to interface with database environments.

Database Tools:

Want to learn about the latest tools that make developers’ lives easier? We’ll cover all the best database tools used for interfacing with database environments. Topics covered are SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, SQLcl, TOAD, DBArtisan, OraOpenSource (OOS), Oracle ORDS, and more.


DevOps is a philosophy or approach that enforces the collaboration and communication between software developers and IT operations by automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. Learn operational strategy and development, and review code merging, integration, testing, changing management release approvals, and releasing automation configuration.

You’ll learn about infrastructure and management, infrastructure as code, application performance monitoring, and end-user experience.

JavaScript: (New for ODTUG Kscope19)

JavaScript is the most popular programming language today. More and more people using JavaScript have a need connect to the database and implement fully functional solutions. Perhaps they are creating NPM modules. Some are building full-blown applications using Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit).  Watch for sessions in this area.

Other Database: (New for ODTUG Kscope19)

For all other topics, this is the catchall category.


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The ODTUG Kscope19 Conference Is the Place for Oracle Essbase!

ODTUG Kscope19 brings together the most intelligent Essbase designers, developers, and administrator experts for both on-premises and in the cloud! Our experts will show you design patterns for hybrid and ASO models, demonstrate how to manage backup processes, and cover security and automation. New to Essbase in the cloud? You’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of the Essbase Cloud Service (EssCS), along with all the tools needed to build better structures for data collection as an administrator, designer, and optimizer. Want to take a deep dive into Oracle Corporation’s engineered hardware system for BI, Analytics, and Exalytics? We’ve got you covered.


We’ll teach you how to properly administer, manage, and maintain Essbase from backups and security to automation.

API and Related Tools:

APIs have transformed how we connect to data. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view on how to use the Java API/Groovy, and how to use associated tools such as non-Oracle and free community utilities.


In these sessions, calculation scripts, MDX, and CDFs are the names and best practices are the games.

Design and Optimization:

You’ll learn all you need to know about cube design, hybrid, and ASO. Design, optimize, and tune your work for maximum performance.

Essbase Cloud:

Learn all about the new Essbase Cloud Service (EssCS) within Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC/OAAC): what it is and the real-world applications of this new technology.

Other Essbase:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any cool Essbase topics and technologies (like Exalytics) that are not covered by the other subtopics.

EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization

EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualizations at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

In today’s data-driven culture, reporting, BI analytics, and visualizations are huge drivers of big business decisions. ODTUG Kscope19 is the premier conference for reporting, BI analytics, and visualization developers. The ODTUG Kscope19 conference brings together the best and brightest experts to help you package and visualize mission-critical information.

BI Analytics: Sponsored by  US-A Track logo.png

Oracle offers the best BI analytics products on the market with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Business Intelligence Cloud (BICS), and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). Our experts will show you tried-and-true keys to success to create intelligent and intuitive reports and dashboards, including metadata development, system administration, and security.

Data Visualizations: Sponsored by  US-A Track logo.png

Learn how to use data visualizations within OBIEE in the Oracle DV Cloud Service (DVCS), in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), and on the desktop (DVD). Unlock all the data visualizations available to you and discover ways to create brilliant data mashups to tell the best story possible for your business or client. Use Oracle R, Oracle Data Mining, and the Advanced Analytics Database Option to produce statistical models and visualizations that help predict customer behavior; reduce customer churn; analyze market baskets to discover relationships, patterns, and associations; detect anomalies; and prevent fraud.

Smart View: Sponsored byKPMG.jpg

Look under the hood and learn all about the pivotal ad hoc reporting tool, Smart View, which uses Microsoft Office to access data and produce ad hoc reports. Sharpen your skillset and gain the most comprehensive view of your business under one single technology. Integrate and leverage data directly from Planning, Financial Close, Essbase applications, and more using Oracle’s common add-in for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook.

Financial Reporting: Sponsored byKPMG.jpg

You’ll learn about the latest in Hyperion Financial Reporting and Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) to produce period-end financial and regulatory reports. Industry experts will show you all the latest features of these tools. You will learn how to build, use, narrate, and deploy efficiently; distribute with ease; and improve security, memory, and query performance.

Other EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization: Sponsored byKPMG.jpgUS-A Track logo.png

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any awesome EPM reporting, BI analytics, and data visualization topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics.

EPM Infrastructure

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EPM Infrastructure at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

Maintaining a strong Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) infrastructure will ensure that EPM programs and applications remain operationally functional, secure, and can handle the growing needs of any business to ensure that all moving parts are running smoothly. At ODTUG Kscope19, you’ll learn what you need to ensure the health of your EPM infrastructure.

Cloud, Hybrid or Hosted Infrastructure:

Our experts will discuss managing cloud products and the challenges of combined cloud/on-premises system architectures. We’ll review all the planning considerations such as native cloud vs. hybrid, security implications, how to approach and mitigate risk, considerations for how to approach backup and DR, and integration considerations with on-premises systems and other cloud systems. Topics will include Oracle SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS offerings and their impact on Hyperion.

Installs and Upgrades:

Learn how to plan for a successful installation, including architecture-leading practices, high availability, and managing disaster recovery. We will also cover Hyperion patching and automation best practices, as well as the latest methodologies in planning and executing upgrades.

Maintenance, Optimization, Security, and Troubleshooting:

Post-implementation is a crucial time, and it requires a strategy dedicated to providing operational support. Learn how to plan and implement scalable and sustainable support models, whether done in-house, outsourced, or through a COE. We’ll teach you how to provide maintenance and support, administer health checks, monitor, problem solve, optimize, and troubleshoot the entire EPM infrastructure to ensure maximum performance and stability. In addition, many organizations and industries have strict security guidelines, especially at the enterprise level. You’ll learn everything about managing security for the EPM suite from the best. This includes external provider integration and tuning, single sign-on, Kerberos and Smart Card integration, SSL, access controls monitoring, auditing, and reporting.

Other EPM Infrastructure:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any great EPM infrastructure topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics.

EPM Data Integration

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EPM Data Integration at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

EPM data integration can help save time and development costs while reducing process execution times. You’ll learn how to move high-volume and batch data while maintaining quality. You’ll learn how to integrate and manage data using Oracle’s best of breed technologies.

Cloud and Hybrid Integration:

Some on-premises, a little in the cloud, what to do now? We will show you the best ways to get your environment to move smoothly, no matter where it lives.

Data Management/Integration:

Moving data can be a meticulous process. Our experts will show you best practices for moving data to cloud or on-premises using EPM products with FDMEE and ODI.

Metadata Management/Integration:

We said meticulous, right? We’ll also show you best practices for moving metadata to cloud or on-premises EPM products and how to manage metadata using DRM, DRG, Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDMCS), and other master data management tools.

Other EPM Data Integration:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any great EPM data integration topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics.


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Oracle Planning at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

Making a plan, working on a budget, or forecasting a target? Attending Planning presentations at the ODTUG Kscope19 conference is the best bet to soak up knowledge from experts in Oracle Hyperion Planning who have real world experience with the tool. Whether it’s Oracle Cloud or on-premises, you’ll learn from the gurus about the budgeting and forecasting essentials necessary to achieve organizational success.


ODTUG Kscope19 presenters will cover management and security administration of on-premises and/or cloud Planning solutions to set access permissions, create users and groups within applications, and prevent unauthorized users from viewing or changing data.


Dive into leading practice design with Planning applications including Hybrid, ASO, and BSO technologies, calculation methodologies, and expert guidance for satisfying specific business requirements.


Optimization is often what can set your application apart from the pack. You’ll hear tips and tricks in performance tuning and how to design for performance using on-premises and/or cloud Planning products.

Planning Cloud:

We’ll walk you through planning and budgeting with the flexibility of the cloud across the enterprise and all the newest features, tips, tricks, and best practices with Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBCS), Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS), and Profitability and Cost Management Cloud (PCMCS).

Planning Modules and Frameworks:

Are you in the buy vs. build decision-making process? Maybe you want to take advantage of pre-built models. We can show you the ins and outs of specific on-premises modules: Workforce, Capex, Project Planning, and Public Sector Planning and Budgeting. The EPBCS Cloud frameworks (Financials, Strategic Modeling, Workforce, Strategic Workforce, Capital, and Project Planning) will also be covered here.

Other Planning:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any interesting Planning topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics, like Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM) and Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF).

Financial Close

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Financial Close at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

The Financial Close presentations at the ODTUG Kscope19 conference will be the best way to learn the ins and outs of on-premises and Financial Close Cloud products. These sessions will give you what you need to make your Financial Close solutions the best they can be.

Financial Close Cloud:

Learn from the best when it comes to Financial Close in the cloud. You’ll hear implementation experiences, practical feature highlights, and tips and tricks related to Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud (FCCS). A centerpiece in Oracle’s cloud EPM suite, FCCS has an ever-growing set of built-in features for you to learn about.


Tax is much more than a few lines in your trial balance. You’ll hear from experts who have implemented Oracle Hyperion Tax Provisioning (HTP) and Tax Reporting Cloud (TRCS) to simplify tax provisioning.

Hyperion Financial Management:

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) is a worldwide classic when it comes to financial consolidation and reporting systems. We’ll share implementation stories, application design ideas, rule tips and tricks, application tuning, and we’ll feature highlights and strategies for getting the most out of HFM.

Account Reconciliation:

No Financial close cycle is complete without a robust account reconciliation system. These sessions are for those who are looking to move from an Excel-centric process and want to learn the basics of Account Reconciliation Manager (ARM) or the latest cloud-based system, Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARCS), and for folks who have already implemented these systems and are looking to leverage more functionality.

Close Management:

Still tracking your financial close tasks in Excel, on a whiteboard, or in your head? Come learn about Oracle’s Close Manager (CM), which has been bundled with Financial Close Management (FCM) or Financial Close and Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS); it is also available as a standalone cloud application.

Supplemental Data:

Are you using a sophisticated financial consolidation system but still collecting supplemental information in Excel? Oracle’s Supplemental Data Manager (SDM) module is bundled with Financial Close Management (FCM) on-premises or Financial Close and Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS).

External Reporting:

If the end of the line for your financial reporting comes in an XBRL package or a team-generated book of reports, schedules, and commentary, you should explore Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS). Learn how others have seamlessly integrated financial information with the accompanying narrative while keeping strict controls on information access and version control within the familiar Microsoft Office environment.

Other Financial Close:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any nifty financial close topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics. ODTUG Kscope19 presentations here may cover Oracle products that connect to Hyperion Financial Management, including Essbase Analytics Link (EAL), Shared Service, and Smart View, to name a few. This subtopic will also cover starter kits and customer experiences with non-Oracle products used to extend the Financial Close Suite functionality and aid in managing applications.

Big Data and Data Warehousing

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Cloud and On-Premises—Where Big Data Lives at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

The ODTUG Kscope19 conference will be home to the best presentations on big data and data warehousing. Our world creates a massive digital landscape with tons of BIG data that needs to be warehoused in a way that delivers value. Learn how the experts store massive amounts of data on real-world metrics.

Data Architecture:

Dive into big data solution architecture and learn how to build a data platform for analytics. Learn how to pick the right data store, data format, data model, and data flow for the right purpose. When multiple platforms are required, learn how to integrate those platforms in the best way possible. Platforms include Hadoop, Kafka, NoSQL, MongoDB, Oracle DB, and more.

Data Engineering:

If you need to stream, extract, replicate, transform, wrangle, cleanse, mask, and load data in one or more platforms, this subtopic is for you. Whether you need self-service desktop capabilities, or full-blown enterprise data integration and data quality, sessions in this subtopic will give you the information you need to better manipulate data.

Cloud Data Warehouse:

Explore the newer phenomenon of elastic cloud data warehouse platforms that scale with ease and require minimal administration to gain high performance across analytic query profiles. Compare and contrast these offerings from Oracle and other vendors with more traditional and open-source platforms to determine the best fit for your organization. See how to integrate a Cloud Data Warehouse platform into the rest of your analytics ecosystem.

Other Big Data and Data Warehousing:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any great big data and data warehousing topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics.

Real World EPM

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Real World EPM at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

This track is all about applying EPM technologies in the real world. We will focus on the overall architecture, challenges, and lessons learned from implementing, administering, and using EPM Solutions. In addition, business process-focused presentations and those pertaining to business relationships will be offered.

EPM Industry Topics:

Get your hot industry topics here! Always a balancing act, this subtopic covers the relationship between finance and IT. Learn how others are making it work, along with other key industry topics that even the best EPM professionals tackle daily.

EPM Processes and Management:

Looking for tips on how to fine tune business processes related to EPM or managing the staffing and training for your EPM team and environment? Look no further! We have you covered with a variety of topics on leading practice processes and management.

Other Real-World EPM:

Sessions in this subtopic will cover any fun real-world EPM topics and technologies not covered by the other subtopics.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies at the ODTUG Kscope19 Conference:

New for ODTUG Kscope19, the Emerging Technologies track offers the ODTUG Kscope attendee the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest technologies making their mark on the world. The common themes across all of these new technologies? Humans are interacting with and relying on Artificial Intelligence now more than ever through Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Chatbots, Personal Assistants, and more. Devices connected to the internet are creating new user experiences and new data sets to analyze in the world of IoT. And finally, ways in which entities, both physical and digital are transacting with each other is being transformed with Blockchain in use cases that go way beyond just digital currency. It’s a great time to be a technologist, and ODTUG will keep you educated on the bleeding edge at ODTUG Kscope19.