The Dodeca Symposium

Sunday, June 23 | 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. | Room 609, Level 6

Sponsored by Applied OLAP.png

Tim Tow, Applied OLAP

The ODTUG Kscope19 Dodeca Symposium is packed with tips and tricks, technical product information, and real-world case studies presented by Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customers. The Applied OLAP team will share insider information about recently introduced features, details of the short- and long-term Dodeca roadmap, and an update on how customers are saving significant time and effort while getting more reliable planning, reporting, and analysis using Dodeca. The symposium is also a great opportunity to ask questions about the product line and to give us your feedback on the product and its roadmap.

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System has enjoyed a record year and many of our industry-leading customers are eager to share how they are creating innovative spreadsheet solutions using Dodeca. Several of these customers will share case studies during the session and will be glad to answer questions about their experiences.

Whether you are an existing Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customer, considering the product, or just wondering why our customers are so enthusiastic about their successful implementations, this symposium will benefit you.

Sunday-only passes are available and provide access to the Oracle and Dodeca Symposiums as well as the Welcome Reception. Passes are $599.00, register here!