Tuesday: Lunch and Learn

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Eat a quick lunch from 12:45 - 1:00 p.m. and attend a panel from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


ODTUG Kscope19 will feature Lunch and Learn panels with Oracle ACE Directors ACE_Director.jpg Oracle ACEs ACE.jpg, and Oracle ACE Associates ACE_Associate.png, who are designated by Oracle Corporation as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates. A substantial number of these professionals are attending and speaking at ODTUG Kscope19. Eat a quick lunch from 12:45 - 1:00 p.m. in room 4A, Level 4, and at 1:00 p.m. join one of the information-packed sessions led by a panel of Oracle ACE Directors ACE_Director.jpg , ACEs ACE.jpg. and Oracle ACE Associates ACE_Associate.png .Bring your questions; these are the people with the answers! 

Lunch and Learn Panelists:

 Application Express - 6C, Level 6

 Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Analytics - 602/603, Level 6

 ACE_Director.jpg Scott Spendolini, Viscosity (Moderator)   

 ACE_Director.jpg Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics (Moderator)

 ACE_Director.jpg Dimitri Gielis, APEX R&D

 ACE.jpg Ricardo Zoldan Giampaoli, TeraCorp

 ACE_Director.jpg Peter Raganitsch, FOEX GmbH  ACE.jpg Wayne Van Sluys, interRel Consulting
 ACE.jpg Vincent Morneau, Insum Solutions  ACE.jpg Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions

 ACE.jpg Scott Wesley, Sage Computing Services

 Becky Wagner, US-Analytics
 Database - 613/614, Level 6  EPM Applications - 6B, Level 6

 ACE_Director.jpg Kim Berg Hansen, Trivadis (Moderator)

 ACE_Director.jpg Edward Roske, interRel Consulting (Moderator)

 ACE_Director.jpg Heli Helskyaho, Miracle Finland Oy

 ACE_Director.jpg Gary Crisci, General Electric

 ACE_Director.jpg Alex Nuijten, allAPEX

 ACE.jpg Gary Adashek, General Electric

 ACE_Director.jpg Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

 ACE.jpg Chris Barbieri, Finit Solutions

 ACE.jpg Holger Friedrich, sumIT AG

 ACE.jpg Eric Erikson, PQR Company

 ACE.jpg Dani Schnider, Trivadis AG

 Essbase - 6A, Level 6

 ACE_Director.jpg Glenn Schwartzberg, interRel Consulting (Moderator)

 ACE_Director.jpg Tim German, Qubix

 ACE.jpg Kyle Goodfriend, Accelytics

 ACE.jpg Jason Jones, Applied OLAP

ACE Network Attendees at ODTUG Kscope19:


ACE_Director.jpg Opal Alapat ACE.jpg Gary Adashek ACE_Associate.png Alfredo Abate
ACE_Director.jpg Patrick Barel                         ACE.jpg Liron Amitzi ACE_Associate.png Mark Daynes                                        
ACE_Director.jpg Stewart Bryson  ACE.jpg Francisco Amores                             ACE_Associate.png Kai Donato
ACE_Director.jpg Gary Crisci ACE.jpg Alan Arentsen ACE_Associate.png Eugene Fedorenko
ACE_Director.jpg Jim Czuprynski ACE.jpg Dietmar Aust ACE_Associate.png Daniel Gagnon
ACE_Director.jpg Niels de Bruijn ACE.jpg Christopher Barbieri ACE_Associate.png Ahmed Hafez
ACE_Director.jpg Martin D'Souza ACE.jpg Karen Cannell ACE_Associate.png Jon Harvey
ACE_Director.jpg Tim German ACE.jpg Roger Cornejo ACE_Associate.png Moritz Klein
ACE_Director.jpg Dimitri Gielis ACE.jpg Rodrigo Radtke de Souza  ACE_Associate.png Adrian Png                   
ACE_Director.jpg Kim Berg Hansen ACE.jpg Eric Erikson ACE_Associate.png Lino Schildenfeld
ACE_Director.jpg Roel Hartman ACE.jpg Holger Friedrich ACE_Associate.png Maxime Tremblay
ACE_Director.jpg Heli Helskyaho ACE.jpg Ricardo Giampaoli ACE_Associate.png Jake Turrell
ACE_Director.jpg Peter Koletzke ACE.jpg Kyle Goodfriend ACE_Associate.png Becky Wagner
ACE_Director.jpg Debra Lilley ACE.jpg Menno Hoogendijk
ACE_Director.jpg Francis Mignault ACE.jpg Jason Jones
ACE_Director.jpg Robin Moffatt ACE.jpg Robert Marz
ACE_Director.jpg Francisco Munoz Alvarez ACE.jpg Vincent Morneau
ACE_Director.jpg Rich Niemiec ACE.jpg Anton Nielsen
ACE_Director.jpg Alex Nuijten ACE.jpg Jorge Rimblas
ACE_Director.jpg Peter Raganitsch ACE.jpg Christian Rokitta
ACE_Director.jpg Edward Roske ACE.jpg Philipp Salvisberg
ACE_Director.jpg Glenn Schwartzberg ACE.jpg Tony Scalese
ACE_Director.jpg John Scott ACE.jpg Dani Schnider
ACE_Director.jpg Scott Spendolini ACE.jpg Peter Scott
ACE_Director.jpg Mia Urman ACE.jpg Francesco Tisiot
ACE.jpg Roger Troller
ACE.jpg Wayne Van Sluys
ACE.jpg Tim Vlamis
ACE.jpg Scott Wesley