Kathleen McCasland Community Service Day 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Registration and Lunch | 1:30 – 5:00 p.m. Volunteer Activity 

This year, ODTUG has partnered with Pike Market Food Bank for our community service day project. Pike Market Food Bank alleviates hunger in downtown Seattle by providing families with free healthy groceries weekly. The food bank distributes more than 800,000 pounds of food annually with more than 40,000 visits and home deliveries. In operation since 1979, the Pike Market Food Bank is a fixture of Market life and part of a community approach to ensure that all residents in downtown Seattle have access to quality and nutritious food.

ODTUG Kscope attendees will assemble 1,000 sack lunches of nutritious, ready-to-eat, non-perishable meals. These “no-cook” bags meet the nutritional needs of Seattleites facing homelessness and other emergency situations. This activity will serve the community’s growing emergency food needs for over a month. Throughout the activity, groups of 10–15 people will have the opportunity to go on 20–30 minute walks around the Market, getting acquainted with the other Human Service Agencies that partner with Pike Market Food Bank. We will be leaving from the Convention Center and walking as a group to the Market. If you want to join ODTUG Kscope in giving back to this truly amazing organization, sign up today

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Oracle Sunday Symposiums | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

ODTUG Kscope is the only conference to give you an entire day of learning at no additional cost. Sunday Symposiums are all about you getting extra time with Oracle Corporation experts, product managers, and development leaders. Don't miss this opportunity to kick your week off with incredible content. Oracle Sunday Symposiums include APEX, Database, EPM, and Oracle Analytics (Business Intelligence and Essbase).


Dodeca Symposium | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. | Room 609, Level 6

The ODTUG Kscope19 Dodeca Symposium is packed with tips and tricks, technical product information, and real-world case studies presented by Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customers. The Applied OLAP team will share insider information about recently introduced features, details of the short- and long-term Dodeca roadmap, and an update on how customers are saving significant time and effort while getting more reliable planning, reporting, and analysis using Dodeca. The symposium is also a great opportunity to ask questions about the product line and to give us your feedback on the product and its roadmap.

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System has enjoyed a record year and many of our industry-leading customers are eager to share how they are creating innovative spreadsheet solutions using Dodeca. Several of these customers will share case studies during the session and will be glad to answer questions about their experiences.

Whether you are an existing Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customer, considering the product, or just wondering why our customers are so enthusiastic about their successful implementations, this symposium will benefit you.

Sponsored by:

 Applied OLAP.jpg

Ambassador Meeting | 5:00 – 5:30 p.m. | Room 611, Level 6

During the special Ambassador Welcome Session we will answer all your questions about how the program works. Interested in being an ambassador? Sign up now! You’ll also be able to sign up for the individual sessions on site near the Registration Desk; look for the big session posters and put your name below any unclaimed session you’d like!

Newcomers’ Orientation | 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. | Room 613/614, Level 6

New to ODTUG or to ODTUG Kscope? Come for a short meeting and get some ideas on how to maximize the week AND your investment in the conference and user group. Meet other first-year attendees and expand your network of peers. Hear from members of the ODTUG Board of Directors and Conference Committee. Get some pointers on what to include on YOUR schedule for ODTUG Kscope19. We hope to see you there!

Welcome Reception – Welcome to the Emerald City! | 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. | Exhibit Hall, Room 4B, Level 4

“Welcome to the Emerald City!” Follow the yellow brick road to this year’s Welcome Reception! Come network with peers, chat with vendors, and socialize with friends as we celebrate the start of a fun week at ODTUG Kscope19 in Seattle! 

 Sponsored by:

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Geek Game Night | 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Ravenna Room, Level 3, Union Street Tower

Are you ready to use both your brain and your physical prowess to win the annual ODTUG Kscope Geek Game Night? Join one of the most hilarious events of ODTUG Kscope—held after the Sunday night Welcome Reception. This year we’re featuring a long-time party favorite, Minute to Win It. But you’ve never played it quite like this!

First, teams will be built by using your brains. Secure a spot on one of two teams by answering trivia questions on technical knowledge and pop culture. Once the teams are filled, you will square off with multiple rounds of Minute to Win It mini games. Teams will be selected from audience participants. Time to get your game face on! If you want to get a head start, view the Outscord YouTube channel to find examples of potential Minute to Win It party games.

To help you narrow it down, ODTUG Kscope will select from the following list:

Johnny Applestack Stack Attack
This Blows Go the Distance
Face the Cookie Bobble Head
Junk in the Trunk Knee Trembler
Paper Dragon Speed Eraser
How’s It Hanging Brew Ha Ha
A Bit Dicey Mega Bubble
Pink Elephant Separation Anxiety
Stick the Landing Puddle Jumper
Yank Me

Can’t wait to see you there. May the smartest and best coordinated team win!


Werewolf | 10:30 p.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Jefferson Room, Level 4, Union Street Tower

Werewolf has become a fun part of ODTUG Kscope's annual networking and connecting. This year, we'll be hosting two nights of Werewolf. If you've never played this interactive party game of deduction (and deceit), it's easy to learn, and the best way to catch on is to show up and play! Many attendees agree that playing Werewolf (even in lieu of sleep) is the most fun they’ve had at ODTUG Kscope, so make sure you arrive at 10:30 p.m. Sunday night for the first game. All you need to bring is yourself! interRel’s own Edward Roske will host games on both Sunday and Monday night. Join us, whether you're looking for fun, connections, a break—or for no discernible reason at all. Just make sure you join us! 



Chi Gung | 7:00 a.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Issaquah Room, Level 3, Union Street Tower

Join Chi Gung leader Danny Bryant at 7:00 a.m. for a 30-minute session of moving meditation to get your day started right. Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese practice designed to calm and focus the mind, strengthen the body, and increase your overall energy level. Follow Danny Bryant on Twitter @dbaOnTap for more details.


General Session 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. | Room 6E, Level 6

Sponsored by:

 interrel logo.png

Start your day off with the ODTUG Board of Directors as they update you on all things ODTUG. Be inspired by wonder with our keynote speaker Jason Latimer. Jason, a world champion magician and scientist, shows us how the right question changes everything. Learn to see beyond the answers in an age of information because the next technology will come from a question. Wonder changes the world!

Make sure to stay until the end for the ODTUG Kscope20 location announcement!

 Jason Latimer pic 2018.jpg


International Order Of Oracle Millennials Networking Meetup | 12:45 - 2:00 p.m. | Meal Room 4A, Level 4

IOOM logo.png

The International Order of Oracle Millennials (IOOM) is a network of millennial Oracle experts and professionals looking to strengthen their relationships within the ODTUG community. IOOM seeks to foster connections across all communities while encouraging collaboration among the next generation of Oracle experts. We'll have tables reserved in the lunch room for this meetup. This is your chance to sit down with your peers to share ideas, questions, experiences, and inspiration. We’ll have ice breakers to get the conversation started. A full conference pass required to attend. Register today!

Happy Hour | 4:45 – 5:45 p.m. | Exhibit Hall, Room 4B, Level 4

Immediately following the last session on Monday, June 24 (4:455:45 p.m.), enjoy the “Taking It to the Streets: Sponsor and Exhibitor Block Party” Happy Hour, featuring street food and cocktails. This is also your time to seek out solutions for your business needs with the exhibitors and sponsors.


APEX/Database Community Gathering  | 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. | Room 6A, Level 6    

Sponsored by: Oracle Logo.jpg

Join us for an exciting announcement and pick up some fun Oracle Swag. 


ODTUG Community Nights | 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Join your fellow ODTUGers for community night events specific to APEX, Analytics, Database, and EPM. Bond with your peers and meet new friends in a fun environment. Feel free to cross over and check out the other community events too!

APEX Show What You Know | Room 6A, Level 6   Sponsored by Insum.jpg
APEX Show What You Know puts the spotlight on you. Attendees are invited to take the stage to showcase the cool features and APEX applications they’re currently using. We’re giving you the opportunity to try out the other side of the mic in a fun and casual atmosphere. Each presentation should be five minutes long (no slides allowed) and will be followed by a few minutes of audience Q&A. For having the guts to stand up and speak, every participant will get a prize and will have the chance to take the title of “Best Overall Presentation” or “Best Newcomer.” Arrive a few minutes early to sign up for a spot. If you’re not ready for the hot seat, come out to hear what your fellow APEX developers are doing and enjoy a drink among friends.


Database Everything But the Beanstalk | Room 6C, Level 6  

You don’t need any magic beans to get into the Database game night, where you’ll feel like you stumbled into a giant’s back yard. We’ll have games like Jenga and checkers, but look out—they’re supersized! This is a great chance to get to know your Database community in a relaxed setting. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones as you challenge your fellow databasers to some massive matches of fun and strategy.

EPM Any Way You Stack It | Room 6E, Level 6   Sponsored by KPMG.jpg

Get ready for a night of fun and strategy at EPM’s Any Way You Stack It. We’ll break up into teams to take on engineering challenges with a fun twist. Collaborate with your fellow EPMers to create the tallest structure with the materials we give you. We’ll keep you on your toes all night! At the end of each task, judges will determine the winners and award prizes. If your building skills don’t win you the top spot, don’t worry—KPMG will be raffling off some cool prizes too. Stick around after the challenges for the chance to spend time connecting with friends.


Analytics Trivia Showdown | Room 602/603, Level 6

Our community may have changed its name, but our traditions are staying the same. Trivia night is back! This is your chance to prove your trivia prowess among your peers. In an ode to our host city, we’ll be dividing into four themed teams—coffee, grunge, fish market, and flannel. Then we’ll be going toe to toe in a night of fierce competition with singing, dancing, and all sorts of Analytics shenanigans. Come by boat, come by plane—however you come, be ready to rack your brain.


Werewolf | 10:30 p.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Jefferson Room, Level 4, Union Street Tower




Chi Gung | 7:00 a.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Issaquah Room, Level 3, Union Street Tower


Lunch and Learn | Lunch 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

ODTUG Kscope19 will feature Lunch and Learn panels with Oracle ACE Directors ACE D.png, Oracle ACEs ACE.png, and Oracle ACE Associates ACE_Associate.png, who are designated by Oracle Corporation as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates. A substantial number of these professionals are attending and speaking at ODTUG Kscope19. Grab a quick bite from 12:45 to 1:00 p.m. in the meal room, 4A, Level 4 and then join one of the information-packed sessions led by a panel of Oracle ACE Directors ACE_Director.jpg , ACEs ACE.jpg, and Oracle ACE Associates ACE_Associate.png . Bring your questions; these are the people who have the answers!

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Happy Hour | 4:45 – 5:45 p.m. | Exhibit Hall, Room 4B, Level 4

Join us for the “Pups and Poutine” Happy Hour sponsored by Insum. Who doesn’t love poutine, a puppy lounge, and beer and wine while networking with sponsors and exhibitors?

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Chi Gung | 7:00 a.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Issaquah Room, Level 3, Union Street Tower


Women in Technology (WIT) Lunch | 12:45 – 2:00 p.m. | Room 2AB, Level 2

Attend one of the most dynamic gatherings of the year—the ODTUG Kscope19 Women in Technology event, held on Wednesday, June 26! Join both women and men in a meaningful experience that sheds light on WIT issues and solutions.

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. You must have a full conference pass to register for this event. A buffet lunch will be served. Register now! 

Special Event: Museum of Pop Culture | 7:15 – 11:15 p.m.

Join us for the ODTUG Kscope19 Special Event at MoPOP—Museum of Pop Culture! Depart the Sheraton Grand Seattle lobby by 7:05 p.m. and take a short walk to the Seattle Center Monorail that will bring you to MoPOP. Doors open at 7:15 p.m. Award-winning exhibitions, great food, exciting entertainment—this is an event you don't want to miss.

The theme for the event is pop culture icons. Dress as your favorite pop culture icon!

Guest passes can be purchased at registration. This is a 21 and over event. Each full conference pass includes one ticket to the Wednesday night Special Event.

Sponsored by:

 Logo_Alithya_Ranzal.png       Applied OLAP.jpg          datavail_logo_full_Single.png       


Deep Dives | 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Thursday Deep Dives are designed to delve into each track, with extra time built in to explore topics on a deeper level. End your amazing week with the track of your choice and the subject experts who make learning and solving problems so much fun. Get ready to dive deep into:

  • Analytics
  • APEX
  • Database
  • EPM Data Integration
  • Essbase
  • Financial Close
  • Planning


Closing Session | 11:15 a.m. – noon | Room 6B, Level 6

Join us for the ODTUG Kscope19 closing session to celebrate the week and come together one last time before everyone heads home. This is also where we’ll announce speaker awards which are decided by YOU. By filling out evaluations from the sessions you attend, you help lift up the best and brightest voices in our community. Be sure to add your perspective during the week. We’ll give out awards for top speaker in each track, best first-time speaker, and top overall speaker. We’ll also premiere our recap video, a fun look back at everything that’s happened at ODTUG Kcsope19—you won’t want to miss it!