Monday, June 24, 2019


Join your fellow ODTUGers for community night events specific to APEX, Analytics, Database, and EPM. Bond with your peers and meet new friends in a fun environment. Feel free to cross over and check out the other community events too!


APEX/Database Community Gathering  | 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. | Room 6A, Level 6    

Sponsored by: Oracle Logo.jpg

Join us for an exciting announcement and pick up some fun Oracle Swag. 


ODTUG Community Nights | 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.

APEX Show What You Know | Room 6A, Level 6   Sponsored by Insum.jpg

APEX Show What You Know puts the spotlight on you. Attendees are invited to take the stage to showcase the cool features and APEX applications they’re currently using. We’re giving you the opportunity to try out the other side of the mic in a fun and casual atmosphere. Each presentation should be five minutes long (no slides allowed) and will be followed by a few minutes of audience Q&A. For having the guts to stand up and speak, every participant will get a prize and will have the chance to take the title of “Best Overall Presentation” or “Best Newcomer.” Arrive a few minutes early to sign up for a spot. If you’re not ready for the hot seat, come out to hear what your fellow APEX developers are doing and enjoy a drink among friends.


Database Everything But the Beanstalk | Room 6C, Level 6  

You don’t need any magic beans to get into the Database game night, where you’ll feel like you stumbled into a giant’s back yard. We’ll have games like Jenga and checkers, but look out—they’re supersized! This is a great chance to get to know your Database community in a relaxed setting. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones as you challenge your fellow databasers to some massive matches of fun and strategy.

EPM Any Way You Stack It | Room 6E, Level 6   Sponsored by KPMG.jpg

Get ready for a night of fun and strategy at EPM’s Any Way You Stack It. We’ll break up into teams to take on engineering challenges with a fun twist. Collaborate with your fellow EPMers to create the tallest structure with the materials we give you. We’ll keep you on your toes all night! At the end of each task, judges will determine the winners and award prizes. If your building skills don’t win you the top spot, don’t worry—KPMG will be raffling off some cool prizes too. Stick around after the challenges for the chance to spend time connecting with friends.


Analytics Trivia Showdown | Room 602/603, Level 6

Our community may have changed its name, but our traditions are staying the same. Trivia night is back! This is your chance to prove your trivia prowess among your peers. In an ode to our host city, we’ll be dividing into four themed teams—coffee, grunge, fish market, and flannel. Then we’ll be going toe to toe in a night of fierce competition with singing, dancing, and all sorts of Analytics shenanigans. Come by boat, come by plane—however you come, be ready to rack your brain.