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April 2020

  A Note from Your Community Lead

Greetings EPM Community,

Let me first begin by saying I hope you and yours are safe and healthy. With the COVID-19 situation changing constantly and impacting our daily lives in every way imaginable, we as a community need to band together more than ever to help get this thing under control. And while we are all disappointed about the news of ODTUG Kscope20 being canceled, the decision was made with the entire ODTUG community in mind so that we can all focus on keeping ourselves and our families healthy and safe. 

On a brighter note, I want to congratulate those of you who had their abstracts accepted for ODTUG Kscope20. I was very impressed with the abstracts from all the communities and it just goes to show why ODTUG Kscope is one of the best user conferences year in and year out. If your abstract did not get accepted, don’t fret. We are always looking for folks who want to present a webinar to the community or write an article for the EPM Community website, so you basically get a second chance at presenting your content, and trust me, the selection process is far less demanding! 

I also want to send a big congratulations to Azmat Bhatti for being the only one who answered last quarter’s trivia question. He automatically won a $10 gift card. We have another question this quarter and I think everyone should try to answer. Like Azmat, if you answer correctly, you are entered to win a $10 gift card. So what do you have to lose?

In closing, we as an EPM Community need to come together more than ever to continue to share ideas, knowledge, and solutions for the businesses and organizations we work with and work for. Whether it’s through our newsletter, presenting a webinar, or writing an article for our website, let’s continue to stay connected and exchange information.

As always, thank you for being a part of our great community, and your continued support of ODTUG!

Associate Cropped.pngJay Chapman

EPM Product Management Corner
By Al Marciante, Oracle Corporation

It’s hard to believe we are nearly 25% of the way through 2020 already, but the fact that we are means it is time for some spring cleaning. That is as true for us in EPM development as it is around our homes. With the much-heralded (and long awaited) release of Hyperion EPM (on-premises) back in December 2019, we made a promise that we would quickly follow up with additional platform and third-party support coverage. And, we are aggressively moving forward with our first planned PSU (Patch Set Update) to expand Windows Server coverage to include 2016 and add additional browser support. As of writing this, the planned release (and of course, you are well versed enough to know this is covered by Oracle Safe Harbor) is for a late March release timeframe. We will continue delivering PSUs roughly quarterly to continue to add platform (Linux, AIX, etc.) and RDBMS support as the graphic in the article indicates.
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Member Spotlight
Azmat Bhatti, Chartwell Retirement Residences 

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Azmat Bhatti is an Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 certified implementation specialist, an Oracle Hyperion Essbase 9.3 developer certified expert, and an Oracle Hyperion System 9 HFM administrator. He has over 10 years of experience with Hyperion, including the implementation of HFM, FDM, HSF, Planning, Essbase, and BI+ solutions for multinational organizations both regionally and globally. Azmat manages a team of developers, infrastructure, DBAs, and administrators for the Hyperion suite of applications. He works along with various Big Five consulting companies and third-party niche vendors to implement Hyperion modules and process improvements with new releases.
Learn more about Azmat!

Did you know…
Oracle has gotten a little groovy with the March EPM Cloud updates. It’s now easier to access documentation, videos, and tutorials about Groovy business rules. You can now link to all of the videos and tutorials on designing Groovy business rules in the Creating a Groovy Business Rule section of Designing with Calculation Manager for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud!

Featured Article

Oracle EPM Planning – Budget Adjustment Tracking By, ACE Cropped.png Ahmed Hafez
In our field there is a need for the complex and extravagant solutions that take weeks/months to build and test! They are fun and challenging, and if they are very complex, usually after many late nights and weekends you emerge with a solution made of a combination of a clever thought process, collaboration, and some kick-ass development. This is when a solution developer is in their element and is both engaged and challenged (headphones on, music pumping, quirks happening, and for me a pizza delivered with a nice win).

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Trivia Question
What was the original version of Enterprise Data Management called?

Last Quarter’s question:

What is the name of the company that initially developed the first “Financial Data Quality Management” tool (later rebranded as FDM after the company was acquired by Hyperion in 2006)?
Winner: Azmat Bhatti - Chartwell Retirement Residences

Email odtug.epmcommunity@gmail.com  with your answer, and be sure to include your name, company, city, and time zone. Unofficial rules: A limit of four correct answers from each time zone will be selected.

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A Note from Your Community Lead
Product Management Corner
Member Spotlight
Featured Article
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April 28, 2020 12:00 PM EDT

Closing the Books from Home or Anywhere Else Around the Globe
Kelly Green,  Datavail

epm (1).png
June 25, 2020 12:00 PM EDT 

Change Complex Requirements to Simple Solutions: Customization of FCCS Consolidation Rules
Megha Chopra and Mohit Jain, Genpact

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