Hands-On Lab: Git for Everyone

Session Number: 9036
Track: Database
Sub-Categorization: DB Dev
Session Type: Hands-On Lab
Primary Presenter: Christoph Martin Ruepprich [Cloud Transf & Migr Innov Sr Principal - Accenture Enkitec Group]
Co-Presenter: Jason Jones [Senior Solutions Architect - Applied OLAP, Inc.]
Time: Jun 25, 2019 (09:00 AM - 10:15 AM)
Room: 608, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Christoph Ruepprich has been working in various roles with Oracle since 2003. He has worked as a database administrator, IT manager, developer, and software architect using various Oracle technologies.

In his current role, he functions as architect, designer, developer lead, and developer with Oracle Application Express (APEX), PL/SQL, REST, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, and Jenkins. His experience allows him to design high-performing data models and highly customized, web-based applications in the Oracle framework.

Christoph is an Oracle ACE and an active presenter on Oracle-related topics at various user group meetings, such as RMOUG and ODTUG Kscope. He co-authored the book Expert Oracle Application Express, and he maintains his blog at http://ruepprich.wordpress.com.
Technologies or Products Used: Git, GitHub

Session Summary for Attendees:  Have you heard about this fantastic open source technology called Git? What is it and why are developers everywhere using it? Git is easier than you may think. With only a handful of commands, you can utilize the power of Git and make your development process more productive, safer, and more reliable. Whether you are a developer, administrator, or cloud architect, Git can make your job easier.

Git is a decentralized version control system which allows multiple developers to work together on a code project. By utilizing Git, code files are versioned and stored in a way that tracks your changes over time. Git can manage code or any other text file, which makes it also great for scripts, notes, and documentation. Its built-in features allow for more accessible code organization, code reviews, and code merging.

Git experts Christoph Ruepprich and Jason Jones will walk you through this technology hands-on, while also exploring use cases for the tool. All technology communities and tracks are encouraged to attend! Find out how easy it is to get started with Git so you can use it immediately on your current projects. And best of all, you can get started for FREE!