Hands-On Lab: Data Management Hacks to Turn You into a FDMEE Cloud Ninja!

Session Number: 9032
Track: EPM Data Integration
Sub-Categorization: Other EPM Data Integration
Session Type: Hands-On Lab
Primary Presenter: Doug Correa [EPM Solution Architect - Peloton Group]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (09:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
Room: 607, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Doug Correa enjoys being a part of the world that was formerly Hyperion and has now become Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Oracle Business Intelligence (BI). He's most passionate about Oracle EPM data integrations, specifically Financial Data Quality Management (FDM). FDM is the de facto data transformation tool for Oracle EPM applications, and the latest release FDM Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) takes Oracle EPM data integrations to a whole new level.

Doug has worked with Oracle EPM and BI applications for over 10 years, taking on various data analysis and reporting roles for more than 15 years. He is a huge fan of the technology that makes our lives easier; EPM and BI do that just. Using these technologies, he helps companies monitor and report on key information, so they can more effectively manage their businesses.

Technologies or Products Used: Data Management

Session Summary for Attendees:  You don’t need to be an expert to go beyond standard file-based data loading, but chances are, if you’re loading data to EPM Cloud apps such as EPBCS or FCCS, you are using data management in the form of FDMEE Cloud. Attend Peloton’s hands-on training session to learn about some of our favorite time-saving integration options, utilizing often overlooked features within FDMEE Cloud.

During this session, Peloton’s team of experts will cover:
• All data type integrations for loading non-numeric data, such as text, dates, and Smart List values
• Multi-column integrations to load data for multiple dimension members in a single row of data
• Driver-dimension data loads to specify target values by dimension
• Loading periods as a column to support multi-period single row files
• Data Sync to synchronize data between EPM target applications