Interactive Grid 101

Session Number: 8996
Track: Application Express
Sub-Categorization: APEX Core
Session Type: Best Practices
Primary Presenter: John Snyders [Consulting Member of Technical Staff - Oracle Corporation]
Time: Jun 24, 2019 (02:15 PM - 03:15 PM)
Room: 6C, Level 6

Speaker Bio: John Snyders is a consulting member of technical staff on the Oracle Application Express development team. He joined the APEX team in 2012. Prior to that, John worked on the WebLogic Console. His focus area is JavaScript. He has developed many of the UI widgets—including menu, treeView, grid, iconList, splitter, and recordView—which are used throughout the APEX builder and various components. Key projects he has worked on include: Page Designer, Interactive Grid, new Popup LOV, and the developer toolbar. John also works on client side APIs and infrastructure such as actions, model, clipboard, and various utilities.
Technologies or Products Used: n/a

Session Summary for Attendees:  Interactive grid is the modern, scalable replacement for tabular forms. It has many editing features, including master detail support. It also has a number of compelling reporting features, which makes it a great replacement for interactive reports in many cases. In this session you will learn about the features and capabilities of interactive grid and how easy it is to add them to your APEX application.