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MLE—Java, JavaScript, Python, or PL/SQL in the Database?

Session Number: 8099
Track: Database
Sub-Categorization: DB Dev
Session Type: Product Updates
Primary Presenter: Philipp Salvisberg [Senior Principal Consultant - Trivadis]
Time: Jun 24, 2019 (03:45 PM - 04:45 PM)
Room: 619, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Philipp Salvisberg is a senior principal consultant, partner, and member of the boards of directors at Trivadis and an Oracle ACE. He has been focusing on Oracle database-based solutions since 1988, at that time with Oracle Database version 5. Since then, he has been helping customers design, build, and optimize their database-centric solutions, while also teaching application development topics and speaking at conferences.

Philipp has a soft spot for doing as much as possible in a single SQL statement and is interested in pretty much everything that allows him to use the database as efficiently as possible. He likes to design model-driven software solutions using domain-specific languages, while getting the most out of the underlying technologies.

Technologies or Products Used: Oracle Database, MLE, JavaScript, Python, Java, PL/SQL, SQL, APEX

Session Summary for Attendees:  The Oracle Multilingual Engine (MLE) is a new experimental feature for integrating JavaScript and Python into the Oracle database. Additional programming languages in the database are interesting for two reasons. On the one hand, this makes it easier for developers without PL/SQL knowledge to get started with DB development (e.g., from APEX), and on the other hand, existing libraries can be integrated for more efficient data processing. In this presentation I will explain and demonstrate the functionality of the current beta version and compare it with PL/SQL and Java. I will also talk about what I expect for versions 20 and 30 and why I think that MLE is the next big thing.

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