Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Network Setup for DBAs

Session Number: 8078
Track: Database
Sub-Categorization: DBA
Session Type: Tips, Techniques and Tuning
Primary Presenter: Robert Marz [Technical Architect - its-people GmbH]
Time: Jun 24, 2019 (02:15 PM - 03:15 PM)
Room: 617, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Robert Marz is an Oracle ACE and member of Its-people GmbH, a German-based professional services company. At customer sites, Robert works as a senior technical architect with a database-centric view of the world. He is the portfolio manager of database technologies at Its-people.

At DOAG (the German Oracle user group), Robert is in charge of the cloud topics inside the database community. He is also a member of ODTUG, IOUG, and RMOUG. With more than twenty years of experience in custom development and data warehouse projects, Robert is a specialist in Oracle Database development and administration. Additionally, he is skilled in scripting languages, operating systems, virtualization, and cloud technologies.

Robert Marz publishes articles and papers in various publications, maintains the Its-people portfolio blog, and speaks frequently at German conferences.

Technologies or Products Used: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI, IP Networking, Terraform, Oracle Cloud CLI

Session Summary for Attendees:  In the Oracle Cloud, you can have a database up and running within minutes. However, why do you have to set up a network before you can even think about installing databases?

The Cloud poses new challenges for DBAs: Suddenly, dealing with public and private networks, subnetting, routing, and firewalls are becoming part of the daily routines.

This lecture connects general networking concepts with concrete configuration options in the Oracle Cloud and covers the following topics:

* OCI Basics
- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Overview
- Identity Domains, Tenants, & Cloud Account
- Compartments

* Virtual Cloud Network Wizard
- Demo
- Options & Results

* Networking in OCI
- OCI Networking Components
- IP Subnetworks
•Masking & CIDR
•Choosing the Right Subnet
- OCI Networking Gateways

* Connecting to the Cloud
- Connecting On-Premises to the Cloud
- OCI Networking Costs
- OCI Fast Connect Costs

* Scripting the Cloud
- Scripting Means Automation
- Infrastructure as Code
- Scripting Options—Automate All the Things

The presentation contains a live demo.