APEX Bad Practices

Session Number: 8024
Track: Application Express
Sub-Categorization: APEX Core
Session Type: Best Practices
Primary Presenter: Roel Hartman [Director - APEX Consulting]
Time: Jun 25, 2019 (03:45 PM - 04:45 PM)
Room: 613/614, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Roel started using Oracle RDBMS 5, Oracle Forms 2.3, RPT/RPF, and Oracle*Case 4.5 a long time ago. For over 10 years he has focused mainly on Oracle Application Express.

Roel has been a speaker on UKOUG, OOW, Collaborate, ODTUG's Kscope and a number of local Oracle user groups. Within ODTUG he acted as the APEX content lead for the ODTUG Kscope14 and Kscope15 conferences and is a member of the ODTUG Board of Directors.

Roel keeps an (APEX-related) blog at http://roelhartman.blogspot.com. In June 2009 he received an Oracle ACE award and in August 2010 he was appointed as Oracle ACE Director. Roel is a co-writer of the books "Expert Oracle Application Express" and "Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications.”
Roel is director at APEX Consulting in the Netherlands.

Technologies or Products Used: APEX

Session Summary for Attendees:  We all make mistakes. Making mistakes is an opportunity to learn, but as a first step you have to recognize the mistakes you made. If you don't, those mistakes might evolve into a practice—a bad practice. You can also learn from someone else's mistakes. That's why I crowdsourced "bad practices" that people have encountered in the wild. I was surprised by the numerous examples people came up with. This session will cover real-world examples of practices that are labeled as "bad.” Of course, we will discuss why these practices are bad and what would be a better solution.