Who's Who in APEX

Session Number: 8097
Track: Application Express
Sub-Categorization: APEX Core
Session Type: Tips, Techniques and Tuning
Primary Presenter: Adrian Png [Senior APEX Consultant - Insum]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (03:30 PM - 04:30 PM)
Room: 612, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Adrian Png is a senior APEX consultant at Insum. He has spent the last two decades designing and implementing software solutions using a wide variety of programming languages. Adrian has a deep passion for Oracle Application Express, and using this tool; he has helped many organizations succeed in developing robust data management practices. As a full-stack developer, he also does double-duty as a database and cloud administrator. "Design for the user" is his motto, and he continually seeks to optimize processes and adopt new strategies and technologies to improve how data is captured, integrated, and used effectively.
Technologies or Products Used: APEX, Apache2 HTTPD, OOS_UTILS, Yubikey, TOTP

Session Summary for Attendees:  A modular approach to authentication and authorization is one of the key features that makes Oracle Application Express (APEX) a great platform for developing web applications. In this session, we will explore the fundamentals and mechanics of identifying and managing access to APEX applications and components. Learn how we can either use pre-built or custom authentication schemes which take advantage of modern frameworks like OAuth 2, SAML2, WebAuthn, two-factor authentication, and more.