Dynamic Actions for Superheroes

Session Number: 8281
Track: Application Express
Sub-Categorization: APEX Core
Session Type: Tips, Techniques and Tuning
Primary Presenter: Lino Schildenfeld [Oracle APEX consultant - APEX R&D ]
Time: Jun 25, 2019 (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
Room: 612, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Lino Schildenfeld is an APEX consultant with 13+ years of experience. He’s consulted for APEX R&D, FAB.earth, and the SkillBuilders team, working with clients in Europe, the US, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand across all sectors.


Oracle ACE Associate
ODTUG Leadership Program 2018 graduate
ORCLAPEX-NZ Meetup organizer
AUSOUG Connect 2017 DEV (APEX) content lead
AUSOUG APEX webinar series 2017/2018 organizer

Speaker at

APEX Alpe Adria
Oracle Groundbreaker APAC Tour
APAC webinar tour
AUSOUG Connect
AUSOUG APEX webinar series organizer and presenter
ODTUG webinar

Technologies or Products Used: Oracle APEX, JQuery and JavaScript

Session Summary for Attendees:  Regardless if you are new to APEX or have doubts about mastering your dynamic actions, this is a session for you. We will demystify all corners of DA and how they can be utilized in your applications, including:
• How to create DA
• Affected elements
• Passing data between screen components and your DA
• Event management and event bubbling
• How to debug DA

If any of this sounds fuzzy, join me for a 60-minute demo-loaded session, where we learn how to make your applications come alive.