Introduction to the Essbase REST API

Session Number: 8137
Track: Essbase
Sub-Categorization: Essbase Cloud
Session Type: At a Glance
Primary Presenter: Mike Larimer [Consulting Member of Technical Staff - Oracle Corporation]
Time: Jun 24, 2019 (03:45 PM - 04:45 PM)
Room: 605/610, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Years in corporate finance allowed Mike to hone his skill of using spreadsheet macros to automate the manual tasks of planning and reporting. Mike was recruited by Arbor Software in 1992 as employee number 20 because of his finance background and spreadsheet expertise. In the pre-IPO years of Arbor, Mike was a pre-sales consultant. In the post-IPO years of Arbor, he moved into more of an application developer role. In 2001 as part of Hyperion Solutions, Mike created a team called the Solutions Group. The Solutions Group completed many proof of concept projects including Smart View, Smart Space, and custom defined functions (CDF). In 2015 Mike proposed a new product idea for an Excel Smart View extension that would leverage the new Essbase cloud platform. This new product, called Cube Designer, would allow an application developer to build an Essbase cube by defining the outline, calc scripts, and data within an Excel workbook. Today, Mike is a consulting member of technical staff within the Essbase development team. He continues to lead the Cube Designer development effort and works to evangelize the Essbase platform to both internal and external customers.
Technologies or Products Used: Essbase

Session Summary for Attendees:  The REST API is the main programming interface for the newest generation of Essbase front-end products such as the JET UI and Cube Designer. But the REST API can also be used to automate Essbase processes using various scripting and programming languages, including Curl and Java. This session will provide demonstrations of using the REST API in various ways within multiple products, including the new Essbase Data Studio.