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Put That Data in a Cube! Essbase for Everyone with OAC Cube Designer

Session Number: 8678
Track: EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization
Sub-Categorization: BI Analytics
Session Type: Best Practices
Primary Presenter: George Cooper [Architect - Gap]
Co-Presenter: Glenn Schwartzberg [Analytics Practice Lead - interRel Consulting]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (03:30 PM - 04:30 PM)
Room: 604, Level 6

Speaker Bio: George Cooper has had an extensive career in developing and managing management information systems. He is currently working for Gap as the primary Essbase architect. Prior to joining Gap, George worked for The Hackett Group as a business intelligence consultant and project manager. He has been working with Essbase since 1998 and managing MIS systems since the mid-80s.
Technologies or Products Used: OAC, Essbase

Session Summary for Attendees:  Excel pivot tables are great, but they are nothing compared to a true Essbase database. Hierarchies, formulas, drills, data sharing, time balance, etc. are all available when your data is in Essbase, but previously you needed an Essbase server and someone trained in Essbase to build the model for you. With OAC, that is no longer true. In this session, we will show how to build an income statement from a data sheet, and then enhance it to add balance sheet accounts, calculations & metrics, hierarchy structures, and currency conversion. Cubes from unstructured data, no problem. This session is for anyone who wants more flexibility with their spreadsheets or wants to train their users to manage their own department’s data.

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