“Just a Simple Migration to the Cloud,” They Said: A Rags-to-Riches Story at an Internationally Renowned Auction House

Session Number: 8566
Track: Planning
Sub-Categorization: Planning Cloud
Session Type: Case Studies
Primary Presenter: Robert Maller, PhD [EPM consultant - Praesto Consulting]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (09:00 AM - 10:00 AM)
Room: 602/603, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Robert Maller is a senior consultant at Praesto Consulting and part of their EPM practice. His experience is mostly within Planning (cloud and on-premises) and data integrations/reporting in and out of it, but he has dabbled with HFM and HPCM. He loves to work though all parts of project timelines, working with businesses to turn concepts into live solutions.

Outside of work, Robert loves football (soccer to those from across the pond), and in the wet part of the year, he spends his weekends playing for and managing a team to occasional success. In the dry(er) part of the year Robert enjoys rock climbing, board game, and brewing fruit wines.

You can find him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-maller-5053b268/.

Technologies or Products Used: ePBCS and ODI (integrating data from JD Edwards, Workday and PRISM)

Session Summary for Attendees:  Based upon the recent experiences of an internationally renowned auction house, this presentation delves into the unforeseen technical and practical challenges of “simply uploading an on-premises outline to a cloud environment.” We’ll be exhibiting the innovative solutions used to counter the subtle differences found in ePBCS. We’ll focus on: the architectural requirements to maintain workforce planning security; the redesign of the cripplingly slow reporting with 30-minute refreshes (which thanks the power of the in-built reporting capabilities, is now retrieved in seven seconds); the challenges in keeping functionality in the business’s favorite artifacts; and conquering the daunting task of re-pointing an eight-year library of bespoke Smart View reports in the cloud. We’ll articulate how, despite the challenges, moving to the cloud has reenergized the business’s FP&A, and in the words of the client’s global managing director, “turned Hyperion into a racehorse.”

The presentation introduces how, post go-live, enhancements using Groovy scripting have taken the application to the next level. A demonstration of a real-word example shows how the inclusion of Groovy scripting helped create novel front end design options, simplifying the user experience and driving focus away from arduous manual entry and towards the business-improving data analytics promised to the CIO.