Getting Started with Groovy for the Non-Technical Superstars

Session Number: 8056
Track: Planning
Sub-Categorization: Planning Cloud
Session Type: Solutions
Primary Presenter: Kyle Goodfriend [Vice President of Oracle Practice - Accelytics]
Time: Jun 24, 2019 (11:45 AM - 12:45 PM)
Room: 602/603, Level 6

Speaker Bio: Kyle Goodfriend has been working with Essbase since the late 90s, with a focus on supporting financial reporting, planning, and forecasting. Kyle earned a finance degree and has served as a financial manager, accountant, and college professor.

Using technology to automate his repetitive functions and improve communications, Kyle has a unique perspective on technology. As an accountant, Kyle taught himself a development language, engineered his first software solutions, and saved the company over 10 million dollars in credit card chargebacks within six months. That was the beginning of his interest in technology, which drives him today.

Since he learned Essbase, Kyle has worked with many Hyperion products. He has designed or managed hundreds of forecasting, planning, and reporting environments. He has worked directly with or supported just about every conceivable industry in and outside of the US. Kyle also has a background with SQL Server, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, and many other tools, which enables him to be extremely efficient in designing and building solutions.

With more than a decade in the technology field and a strong background in accounting and financial management, Kyle has the unique ability to communicate effectively with both CEOs and junior technologists. He is skilled in designing and implementing systems, evaluating existing models, and improving existing environments.

Kyle is often a speaker at local, regional, and national conferences. Along with supporting users on the Oracle forums, he is also responsible for and its content.

Technologies or Products Used: ePBCS, Groovy

Session Summary for Attendees:  Groovy calculations are not just accessible to those with lots of experience writing Java, Groovy, or other coding languages. With a little guidance, you can become extremely productive and add some world-class functionality to your applications. This session will be delivered with both the experienced and non-experienced in mind, by a person with a finance degree who learned on the fly.

This session will provide an administrator with the knowledge needed to get started writing Groovy calculations immediately. We will introduce how to get started with Groovy and use it to interact with PBCS via the API. Three to four key concepts will be covered, which will help you leave with an understanding of the possibilities. We will discuss where and how to get help and learn from examples, and how to avoid spending time going down some of the wrong paths like I did.

Attendees will leave this session with the knowledge to implement basic Groovy calculations, examples of more complicated solutions, and a foundation to grow from. They will take home working examples and references to all the concepts needed to go from zero to 60 in four seconds.

The presentation will be structured as follows:
• Introduction
• How to get started
• How to add user functionality
• How to add pre-save validation
• How to add real-time data model synchronization on data form save
• Where to go to get help