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Data Governance in the Cloud: EDMCS vs. DRM

Session Number: 8668
Track: EPM Data Integration
Sub-Categorization: Metadata Management/Integration
Session Type: Solutions
Primary Presenter: Noah Yao [Associate - Huron Consulting Group]
Co-Presenter: Kate E Helmer [Oracle Consulting Manager - Huron Consulting Group]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (03:30 PM - 04:30 PM)
Room: 205, Level 2

Speaker Bio: Noah Yao is an associate in Huron Consulting Group’s Enterprise Solutions & Analytics practice, focusing on data governance strategy and implementation. He has experience with a variety of Oracle EPM tools, including Oracle Data Relationship Management, Data Relationship Governance, Enterprise Data Management Cloud, and Financial Data Quality Management.
Technologies or Products Used: Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service, Oracle Data Relationship Management

Session Summary for Attendees:  With the new Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS), Oracle data governance is moving from on-premises Data Relationship Management (DRM) to the cloud. Join Kate Helmer and Noah Yao as we take a deep dive into Oracle’s newest offering, examining the similarities and differences between EDMCS and DRM/DRG. We will review not only the technical differences between the two tools, but also the different implementation methodology and integration capabilities that EDMCS brings to the table.

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