Advanced Topics in EPM CloudInfra and Security—What's New

Session Number: 8707
Track: EPM Infrastructure
Sub-Categorization: Cloud, Hybrid, or Hosted Infrastructure
Session Type: Product Updates
Primary Presenter: Bill Fox [Director, Product Management - Oracle Corporation]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (02:15 PM - 03:15 PM)
Room: 205, Level 2

Speaker Bio: Bill Fox began his career as a software engineer, following a customer-focused career path that has led him to product management. His technical background prepared him well for his current position as consulting product manager for deployment, infrastructure, and security at Oracle Corporation. Bill's expertise applies to both EPM on-premises and cloud solutions. He joined Hyperion Solutions in 2000 and brings with him the wealth of information and knowledge he’s accumulated throughout his years of experience with EPM infra.
Technologies or Products Used: ALL EPM Cloud: PBCS, EPBCS, FCCS, TRCS, ARCS, EPRCS and EDMCS

Session Summary for Attendees:  Are you interested in the detailed operations of EPM Cloud infrastructure and security? This is the place to learn about what's new in EPM Cloud service automation, new security insights, and best practices that leverage new infrastructure features and functions. The session is intended to further your understanding of EPM Cloud service administration.