PBCS Automation Galore—The Lazy Administrator Guide

Session Number: 8580
Track: EPM Data Integration
Sub-Categorization: Other EPM Data Integration
Session Type: Solutions
Primary Presenter: Ahmed Hani Hafez [PRACTICE MANAGER - EPM & ANALYTICS - DXC Technology]
Time: Jun 25, 2019 (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
Room: 205, Level 2

Speaker Bio: Ahmed Hafez is an Oracle EPM & BI Specialist with over 12 years of professional experience in Australia and internationally with clients of different sizes and various industries (mining, oil & gas, education, government, financial institutions, and many more). As a practice manager of analytics at DXC Technology in Australia, he utilizes exceptional leadership qualities and abilities to set strategies, design solutions, implement best practices, set standards, and lead clients in achieving their desired solution and outcomes. Ahmed is well known for taking complex technical problems/solutions and elegantly breaking them down into clear and easy to understand explanations and concepts, thus bridging the infamous gap between the business and the technical solutions required to meet the business needs and requirements. At a personal level, Ahmed lives life with the belief that you should never stop learning, so constant development and learning are key. Embracing the concepts of karma in application, he seeks knowledge from others and gives back to the community through knowledge sharing, support, and information.
Technologies or Products Used: PBCS, EPM AUTOMATE

Session Summary for Attendees:  We live in a world of automation and fast information. The past could be defined as adopting “a keep the lights on approach,” where the typical system administrator would focus on maximizing system uptime and reacting to issues as they arise. Cloud has given administrators less things to do with a lot of administration functions like patching and some maintenance being actioned by Oracle on a routine basis. Though some would start to visualize a world without administrators around the corner, a hypothetical “lazy system administrator” called “Captain Coffee” sees that he wants to do as little as possible manual work in the system and spend more time doing what he loves, drinking coffee and engaging in a healthy office social life…

This session will cover some very interesting use cases for integration, error handling, notification, and automation. This session will also cover the automation options and comparisons of both EPM Automate and custom REST API coding. While there maybe “lazy” reasons for automation, we will explore the benefits of automation for PBCS with a key business driver of adding value by giving more time to administrators to focus on system improvements and enhancing user adoption of the system.

By the end of this session, attendees will:
• Learn about some very interesting use cases for PBCS automation, error handling, and notification.
• Identify the right tool for the job: Direct REST API vs. EPM Automate.
• Know how to unshackle menial system administration tasks through automation, and gain time to add business value through system improvements.
• Know how automation will result in a better work-life balance, like “Captain Coffee.”