Best Practices for Designing and Building Integrations

Session Number: 8221
Track: EPM Data Integration
Sub-Categorization: Cloud Hybrid Integration
Session Type: Best Practices
Primary Presenter: Tony Scalese [Vice President - Technology - Alithya]
Time: Jun 24, 2019 (02:15 PM - 03:15 PM)
Room: 205, Level 2

Speaker Bio: Tony Scalese is one of the world's foremost experts in Oracle/Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) and ERPi. He is an Oracle certified implementation specialist for HFM. Tony has implemented FDM and ERPi in a variety of industries in order to address a myriad of requirements.

Tony regularly contributes to the EPM community by presenting at conferences and local HUG meetings, delivering webinars, writing for his blog, and posting on OTN. Prior to his consulting life, he was a Hyperion administrator for Enterprise, UpStream WebLink, Pillar, and Hyperion Planning at a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer.

Technologies or Products Used: FDMEE, Cloud Data Management, EPM Automate, REST APIs

Session Summary for Attendees:  In the past five years, the EPM world has changed dramatically. The introduction of Oracle's Cloud Services has forced all organizations to rethink their EPM usage and strategy. As cloud adoption continues to grow, data integration has become a critical success factor in a cloud evolution. In this session, we will focus on two primary areas to better position your organization for success in its cloud journey.

First, we will highlight the most commonly deployed of the myriad of tools available including FDMEE, Cloud Data Management (including Integrations), EPM Automate, and the REST APIs. We will also discuss third-party tools and how they may (or may not) fit into an overall integration strategy.

Armed with a greater understanding of the tools and their strengths and weaknesses, we will then discuss the foundational elements that are the building blocks to efficient and scalable integration. We'll explore how these components interrelate to one another so that you can avoid the common pitfalls that often occur without this in-depth understanding.

After attending this session, you will be empowered by not only understanding which tools are available but also how to leverage them effectively to address your data integration needs for both on-premises and cloud EPM applications.