Hey Google, What Are Some New Innovations in EPM Cloud: Financial Close

Session Number: 8092
Track: Financial Close
Sub-Categorization: Financial Close Cloud
Session Type: Solutions
Primary Presenter: Pat Malay [Senior Development Director - Oracle Corporation]
Time: Jun 26, 2019 (02:15 PM - 03:15 PM)
Room: 201, Level 2

Speaker Bio: Pat Malay has about 20 years of experience in the financial consolidation space of Enterprise Performance Management. He leads development for the Transaction Matching module of Account Reconciliation cloud and various modules in Close domain. He led development teams in building HFM, EPMA, and EPM Cloud solutions. He is well-versed in both on-premises and cloud solutions that Oracle offers in the EPM space. He has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Osmania University and the University of Saskatchewan respectively.
Technologies or Products Used: Oracle EPM Cloud - Financial Close (FCCS, ARCS, TRCS, EPRCS)

Session Summary for Attendees:  New emerging technology is for more than just asking your smart speaker what the weather is outside. New developments in chat bots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have all worked their way into EPM Cloud and are making the close process easier and more efficient. This session will drill into how new technologies and functionalities can help drive efficiency and transparency in the financial close process.